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Hazel is an American television situation comedy about a competent, take-charge, live-in maid named Hazel Burke (Shirley Booth) and her employers, the Baxters. The show was based on the popular single-panel comic strip by cartoonist Ted Key, which appeared in The Saturday Evening Post. George Baxter (Don DeFore) is a partner in the law firm of Butterworth, Hatch, Noll and Baxter – Hazel calls him “Mr. B”. George’s wife, Dorothy (Whitney Blake) is an interior decorator, whom Hazel nicknames “Missy”. Their son Harold (Bobby Buntrock) is dubbed “Sport” by Hazel. The family dog is Smiley. Shirley Booth received two Emmys for her role in Hazel.

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Original Air Date: NBC (1961-65); CBS (1965-66)

Created By: Ted Key

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Which Academy Award-winning actress played the part of Hazel?

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Who played the role of Dorothy Baxter, the wife of George?

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Which talented actor played the part of George Baxter?

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Which actress played the part of Barbara Baxter, Steve's wife?

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Who played George's client, Harvey Griffin?

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What was Hazel's last name?

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Which actor played the role of George's brother, Steve?

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What was the Baxter family dog's name?

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Who played George's snooty sister, Deirdre?

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Which talented actress played Millie in the last season of the show?

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Who played the role of Harold Baxter, son of George and Dorothy?

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Which character actress played the part of Rosie, Hazel's best friend?

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