Perry Mason

Daniel Boone


Quincy, M.E.

The Texan



Leave it to Beaver

Wagon Train


Viewer Response

TV at its best! The classic shows are perfect for turning on to relax and safe for the kids!

Angel C.

FETV is the best ever!!!! I watch it everyday it’s like going back in time when things were so pleasing to the eye and something I truly enjoy sharing with my grandchildren.

Kori S.

I watch Emergency! EVERY night. Love that show.

Ginny B.

I really enjoy this channel. I get to see some of my favorite programs like The Lone Ranger and Perry Mason. It's like visiting with dear old friends. There are times when I'd rather watch these programs than the new ones of today. Thank you for the good shows. Love this channel.

Judi E.

I very heartily thank you for reviving what is perhaps the finest time of my life. Great memories. PLEASE keep doing what you are doing.

Bill B.

I love the shows you have on your station. I don't have to worry about anything inappropriate being shown to the children when I'm not in the room, and they love the shows as well. Please continue your programing with "true" family shows. Thank you.

Margaritt K.

I can't tell you how much I enjoy your channel! The old programs are SO much better than the current garbage on TV.

Norman A.

Love, Love, Love your station ... keep up the great work with all the retro shows!!!

Laurie A.

Absolutely Love this channel (FETV). Watching all these old shows, bring back fond memories. My grandchildren have even been watching them with me. Good times for all.

Michiele H.

FETV is one of the best channels on Dish Network! I love all the classic television shows!

Mike T.

Wonderful programming. Great TV gone by.

Dean P.

Can't get enough of Perry Mason! Best show on TV!

Ginger H.

I love FETV. The programming is great. Lots of older classic shows that I don't see on other channels. Also love Hazel and Bewitched ... so many others.

Beverly M.

Enjoying FETV enormously! Thank you for bringing back good family programming, most evenings when I get home, right after the local news, straight to FETV.

Cindy E.

Just discovered I have this channel with all these AMAZING shows of my youth!!!! Super Pumped & Excited!!! My grandbabies love watching these shows with me, too!!!

Susan B.

Great shows you can still get into without all the nonsense!

Jody C.

FETV is my new favorite TV channel! I love all the classic shows - especially Perry Mason!! Thank you and keep up the good work!

Julie M.

Love this programming!!!! Simply can’t go wrong with these tried and true, never out of style, always entertaining shows!!! Thank you for continuing to provide wholesome entertainment!!!!! 💜👍

Davy M.

You stood out from the crowd! Watched you today. Love FETV!

Deb T.

fetv shows nothing but wholesome wonderful family shows. And brings back a lot of memories for all of us.

Jeanette S.

Great old shows!!!! Better TV than most of today’s stuff!!!

Jackie T.

[FETV] carries shows that ENTERTAIN and takes you away from everyday occurrences. LOVE the older shows, especially Perry Mason.

Becky B.

Absolutely luv FETV!! Thanx for the chance to see the shows I grew up with 👏👏😊

Gloria C.

Great Television Filled With Television Shows From The 1950's-1990's.

Erik R.

What fun! I tripped over this fabulous blast from the past tv programming! Clean entertainment like the good old days!

Lynn M.

Really enjoy the old shows, many of which I’ve never seen before. I find the old shows more entertaining and engaging than most of the new stuff that all seem to be soap opera-ish.

Neil C.

Recording these shows to watch with my husband and kids, we laugh...chuckle...laugh again. Nothing vulgar, no foul language, just great entertainment. Really really FUNNY!

Monica L.

I love the shows on here! I think a lot of these shows are better than current shows on tv nowadays. 🙂

Jean G.

Love all of the Perry Mason movies and show. Wish it was on all of the time. I love Bewitched also.

Rita B.