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Adam-12 is an American police drama following veteran Police Officer Pete Malloy (Martin Milner) and rookie Jim Reed (Kent McCord) of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Rampart Division. Malloy, seeking to retire after the death of his former partner, is assigned to field train Reed. After Reed disobeys Malloy but safely arrests a group of armed suspects during a high-risk shooting call, Malloy decides to remain on the force to guide Reed during his nine-month probationary period. Produced by “Dragnet” star Jack Webb, this long-running drama inspired by real-life police cases shows the partnership between Malloy and Reed deepen into friendship as the pair deals with departmental politics, personal issues and every type of criminal.

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Original Air Date: NBC (1968-1975)

Created By: Robert A. Cinader & Jack Webb

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Officer Jim Reed’s age is revealed in the very first scene of the first episode. How old is he?

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What is a "Code 7"?

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Which TV producer directed the Adam-12 pilot?

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What was the name of the dispatcher in Adam-12?

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What year did Adam-12 first air?

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What was the name of the police car in Adam-12?

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To ensure good filming technique, what part of the police cruiser was removed to facilitate proper cinematography?

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The show was praised for its true-to-life-depiction of being a police officer in Los Angeles. How many times do the two officers get shot over the seven seasons of the show?

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What was the name of the police station in Adam-12?

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What was the badge number of Officer Reed?

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The show starred Martin Milner as Officer Pete Malloy and Kent McCord as Officer Jim Reed. Officer Reed is fresh from the LAPD Academy. How many years of experience does Officer Malloy have?

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What is the name of the patrol sergeant that often responds?

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