Lassie is an American family television series about the adventures of a female rough border collie named Lassie (Pal and his descendants). She solved problems, saved people and animals, and represented all that is good about the enduring bonds between human beings and their dogs. During the first 4 seasons, Lassie lived on a farm with her young male master Jeff Miller (Tommy Rettig), his mother Ellen (Jan Clayton) and Gramps (George Cleveland). During seasons 5-10, Lassie adopted her next family—the Martin’s, which included Timmy (Jon Provost), mother Ruth (June Lockhart) and father Paul (Hugh Reilly). Season 11 changed things up to the U.S. Forest Service Rangers as her companions, then the collie was on her own for a season before ending the series with Lassie residing at a ranch for orphaned children. The long-running series was the recipient of two Emmy Awards.

Original Air Dates: CBS (1954-73)

Created by: Eric Knight

Actor: Pal (and descendants)
Jeff Miller
Actor: Tommy Rettig
Ellen Miller
Actress: Jan Clayton
Gramps Miller
Actor: George Cleveland
Timmy Martin
Actor: Jon Provost
Ruth Martin
Actress: June Lockhart
Paul Martin
Actor: Hugh Reilly