Adam-12 is an American police drama following veteran Police Officer Pete Malloy (Martin Milner) and rookie Jim Reed (Kent McCord) of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Rampart Division. Malloy, seeking to retire after the death of his former partner, is assigned to field train Reed. After Reed disobeys Malloy but safely arrests a group of armed suspects during a high-risk shooting call, Malloy decides to remain on the force to guide Reed during his nine-month probationary period. Produced by “Dragnet” star Jack Webb, this long-running drama inspired by real-life police cases shows the partnership between Malloy and Reed deepen into friendship as the pair deals with departmental politics, personal issues and every type of criminal.

Original Air Dates: NBC (1968-1975)

Created by: Robert A. Cinader & Jack Webb

Pete Malloy
Actor: Martin Milner
Jim Reed
Actor: Kent McCord
Actress: Shaaron Claridge
Sgt. MacDonald
Actor: William Boyett