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Wagon Train is an American semi-anthology Western series following the journeys of a wagon train as it leaves Saint Joseph, Missouri on its way to California through the plains, deserts, and Rocky Mountains. Initially starring wagon master Major Seth Adams (Ward Bond – later replaced upon his death by John McIntire as Christopher Hale) and scouts Flint McCullough (Robert Horton) and Cooper Smith (Robert Fuller). Other notable regulars on the series are assistant trail master Bill Hawks (Terry Wilson), the cook Charlie Wooster (Frank McGrath), Barnaby West (Michael Burns), and Duke Shannon (Scott (Denny) Miller).

Being the number-one rated television show at the time, Wagon Train attracted a host of big-name guest stars who appeared as travelers in the large wagon train or in the settlements they visited along the way. Look for Ernest Borgnine, Bette Davis, Jane Wyman, Ronald Reagan, Lee Marvin and Joseph Cotton to name a few.

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Original Air Date: NBC (1957-62); ABC (1962-65)

Produced By: Revenue Studios (1957-63); Universal Television (1963-65)

Additional Information: Executive Producer: Howard Christie and Richard Lewis

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