The Flying Nun


The Flying Nun is an American television sitcom series centered on the adventures of Sister Bertrille (Sally Field) and a community of nuns in the Convent San Tanco in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Sister Bertrille can be relied upon to solve any problem that comes her way by her ability to catch a passing breeze and fly. This is generally attributed to her weighing under 90 pounds, high winds at the Convent high on the ocean bluffs, and the large, heavily starched cornette that is the headpiece for her habit. Often taking part in her kooky misadventures are Sister Jacqueline (Marge Redmond), Sister Sixto (Shelley Morrison) and the Reverend Mother Superior Placido (Madeleine Sherwood), along with Carlos Ramirez (Alejandro Rey), a local casino owner who was an orphan raised by the nuns and still maintains a friendship with them. Captain Gaspar Fomento (Vito Scotti) is a local police officer who often tries to spoil the fun—with little success!


Original Air Dates: ABC (1967-70)

Created by: based on the 1965 book The Fifteenth Pelican, written by Tere Rios

Sister Bertrille
Actress: Sally Field
Carlos Ramirez
Actor: Alejandro Rey
Mother Superior
Actress: Madeleine Sherwood
Sister Jacqueline
Actress: Marge Redmond
Sister Sixto
Actress: Shelley Morrison
Captain Gaspar Fomento
Actor: Vito Scotti