The Bob Newhart Show


The Bob Newhart Show is an American sitcom series about Chicago psychologist Robert Hartley, Ph.D. (Bob Newhart). It divides most of its action between the character’s work and his home life, with Hartley’s supportive, although occasionally sarcastic wife, Emily (Suzanne Pleshette), and their friendly but inept neighbor, airline navigator Howard Borden (Bill Daily). At the medical office where Hartley has his psychology practice are Jerry Robinson, D.D.S. (Peter Bonerz), an orthodontist who also has a practice on the floor, and their receptionist, Carol Kester (Marcia Wallace), as well as a number of other doctors who appear occasionally.

Hartley’s three most frequently seen regular patients are the cynical and neurotic Elliot Carlin (Jack Riley), the milquetoast Marine veteran Emile Peterson (John Fiedler), and shy, reserved Lillian Bakerman (Florida Friebus), an elderly lady who spends most of her sessions knitting. Carlin was ranked 49th in TV Guide’s List of the 50 Greatest TV Characters of All Time.

Original Air Dates: CBS (1972-78)
Created by: David Davis & Lorenzo Music

Robert Hartley
Actor: Bob Newhart
Emily Hartley
Actress: Suzanne Pleshette
Howard Borden
Actor: Bill Daily
Carol Kester
Actress: Marcia Wallace
Jerry Robinson, D.D.S.
Actor: Peter Bonerz
Elliot Carlin
Actor: Jack Riley
Emile Peterson
Actor: John Fiedler
Lillian Bakerman
Actress: Florida Friebus