Rawhide is an American Western series set in the 1860s which portrays the challenges faced by the drovers of a cattle drive. Lead by trail boss Gil Favor (Eric Fleming) the crew travels across the burgeoning wild west involving themselves in other people’s affairs, usually encountering various and sundry corrupt individuals.

Some Rawhide stories were easy in production terms, but the peak form of the show was convincing and naturalistic, and sometimes brutal. Its story lines ranged from parched plains to anthrax, ghostly riders to wolves, cattle raiding, bandits, murderers, and others. A frequent storyline was the constant need to find water for the cattle. The scout spent much of his time looking for water, sometimes finding that water holes and even rivers had dried up. Many guest stars were featured in the 8 season long run of the series. Look for fan favorites such as Dick York, Elizabeth Montgomery, Barbara Eden, Cesar Romero, DeForest Kelley, Cloris Leachman, June Lockhart, Beau Bridges, and Kim Hunter to name a few.

Original Air Dates: CBS (1959-65)

Created by: CBS Studios

Gil Favor
Actor: Eric Fleming
Rowdy Yates
Actor: Clint Eastwood
Actor: Paul Brinegar
Pete Nolan
Actor: Sheb Wooley
Jim Quince
Actor: Steve Raines
Hey Soos
Actor: Robert Cabal
Joe Scarlet
Actor: Rocky Shahan