One Day at a Time


One Day at a Time is an American television sitcom series about the misadventures of a divorced mother, Ann Romano (Bonnie Franklin), and her teenage daughters, Julie Cooper (Mackenzie Phillips) and Barbara Cooper (Valerie Bertinelli) as they struggle starting a new life in Indianapolis, IN. They are immediately welcomed and befriended by Dwayne F. Schneider (Pat Harrington Jr.), their apartment building superintendent, who treats them like family.

Co-creator Whitney Blake, who played Dorothy Baxter, the mother on Hazel, loosely based One Day at a Time on her life raising children as a divorced mother. Blake is the real life mother of Family Ties mom, Meredith Baxter.

Original Air Dates: CBS (1975-84)

Created by: Whitney Blake and Allan Manings

Ann Romano
Actress: Bonnie Franklin
Julie Cooper
Actress: Mackenzie Phillips
Barbara Cooper
Actress: Valerie Bertinelli
Dwayne Schneider
Actor: Pat Harrington Jr.