Matlock is an American legal drama television series about criminal defense attorney Ben Matlock (Andy Griffith), an expensive criminal defense attorney whose quick wit is matched only by his Southern charm. Matlock possesses the ability to find overlooked clues to help him prove the innocence of his clients. Helping the masterful lawyer solve his most intriguing cases over the years are a crew of clever colleagues, including daughter Charlene (Linda Purl), private eye Conrad McMasters (Clarence Gilyard, Jr.), assistant D.A. Julie March (Julie Sommers) and his assistant Michelle Thomas (Nancy Stafford).

Original Air Dates: NBC (1986-92); ABC (1992-95)

Created by: Dean Hargrove

Ben Matlock
Actor: Andy Griffith
Conrad McMasters
Actor: Clarence Gilyard Jr.
Michelle Thomas
Actress: Nancy Stafford
Julie March
Actress: Julie Sommers
Tyler Hudson
Actor: Kene Holiday
Charlene Matlock
Actress: Linda Purl