Mannix is an American detective series following the cases of former US Army POW turned private investigator Joe Mannix (Mike Connors). During the first season, Mannix works for a detective agency named Intertect. From the second season on, Mannix works on his own with the assistance of his loyal secretary Peggy Fair (Gail Fisher), a police officer’s widow – one of the first black actresses to have a regular series role. He also has a working relationship with the Los Angeles Police Department, as he often exchanges information with his contacts. The first of these to have a featured role was Lieutenant George Kramer (Larry Linville), who had been Peggy’s late husband’s partner. Mannix’s most frequently used contact is Lieutenant Art Malcolm (Ward Wood). Another semi-regular guest, although not as frequent, was Lieutenant Adam Tobias (Robert Reed), whose appearances coincided with his tenure on The Brady Bunch. Mannix contact Lieutenant Dan Ives (Jack Ging) made several appearances later in the series.

While Mannix was not generally known as a show that explored socially relevant topics, several episodes had topical themes. Topics included compulsive gambling, deaf and blind characters who were instrumental in solving cases in spite of their physical limitations, and episodes that focused on racism against Blacks and Hispanics. Season six featured an episode focused on the effects the Vietnam War had on returning veterans, including the effects of PTSD.

Original Air Dates: CBS (1967-75)

Created by: Richard Levinson and William Link

Joe Mannix
Actor: Mike Connors
Peggy Fair
Actress: Gail Fisher
Lt. Art Malcolm
Actor: Ward Wood
Lt. Adam Tobias
Actor: Robert Reed
Lew Wickersham
Actor: Joseph Campanella