Father Knows Best


Father Knows Best is an American sitcom television series following the lives of the Andersons, an idyllic presentation of a Midwestern family living in Springfield, Ohio, navigating their way through life’s lessons. The father, James “Jim” Anderson Sr. (Robert Young), is a thoughtful father who offers sage advice whenever his children have a problem, and the mother, Margaret (Jane Wyatt), is the ever-calm voice of reason. Together, they have their oldest daughter Betty (Elinor Donahue), the middle child James “Bud” (Billy Gray), and the youngest of the family Kathy (Lauren Chapin).

Original Air Dates: CBS (1954-55); NBC (1955-58); CBS (1958-60)

Created by: Ed James

Jim Anderson
Actor: Robert Young
Margaret Anderson
Actress: Jane Wyatt
Betty Anderson
Actress: Elinor Donahue
Bud Anderson
Actor: Billy Gray
Kathy Anderson
Actress: Lauren Chapin