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FETV (Family Entertainment Television) features classic entertainment shows like Perry Mason, Matlock, Maude, One Day at a Time, Designing Women, and The Lone Ranger. This is a channel that parents and grandparents can feel good about watching with their children and grandchildren at any time of the day or night.

FETV delivers a strong audience of Adults 35+, many of whom grew up watching these shows and are overjoyed that they are now back on television!

  • FETV is currently delivering over 18,000,000 viewing households each month
  • The average FETV viewing household spends 6.88 hours watching FETV
  • Prime time shows on FETV are delivering over 75,000 households

FETV targets two key demographics: Women 35-64 and Adults 50+, the core of the Baby Boomer generation

These demos are important for two main reasons:

  • Average household income and home ownership over-index compared to the general population.
  • Annual disposable income in excess of $1.2 trillion

If you would like more information about advertising on FETV, please call Ad Sales at 866-678-4203. For program sales, contact us at [email protected] and a member of our program sales team will be in touch with you shortly to answer all your questions.

FETV – Family Entertainment Television