Peter Gunn


Peter Gunn is an American private eye series starring Craig Stevens as a well-dressed private investigator whose hair is always in place and who loves cool jazz. Where other gumshoes might be coarse, Gunn is a swanky sophisticate with expensive tastes. He operates in a nameless, fictional riverfront city and can usually be found at Mother’s, a smoky wharfside jazz club where Gunn’s girlfriend Edie “Silly” Hart also works as a sultry jazz singer. Mother’s sets the background for Gunn’s “office”, often meeting clients there. Gunn has a reputation of being honest and amongst the best investigators.

Original Air Dates: NBC (1958–60); ABC (1960–61)

Created by: Blake Edwards


Peter Gunn
Actor: Craig Stevens
Edie “Silly” Hart
Actress: Lola Albright
Lieutenant Jacoby
Actor: Herschel Bernardi