Perry Mason




Viewer Response

FETV shows are more family oriented and I love the glimpses back in time, thank you FETV!!

Christina T.

What a delight to see Perry, Matlock, Hazel, and Roy Rogers. This is what I enjoyed as a child and now I can enjoy these shows again. Thank you FETV for a wonderful line up!

Karen L.

I love this channel! I DVR Maude and Barney Miller and watch Perry Mason....this channel is refreshing!!!

Amber D.

Love this network! Thanks so much for quality TV again. And so many favorites!!

Drenna M.

My favorite does what tv land started out doing, showing great classic television shows. Love Hazel, Bewitched and Perry Mason...oh and Father Knows Best..thanks.

Kimberly P.

TV at its best! The classic shows are perfect for turning on to relax and safe for the kids!

Angel C.

Am grateful to have this station and be able to watch the old tv shows I love!

Sandra M.

Great to see old favorite TV shows...Thanks again for the awesome programming

Joe B.

FETV is one of the best channels on Dish Network! I love all the classic television shows!

Mike T.

It's so nice to have a channel that shows real entertaining comedies and mysteries. So enjoying Hazel and Matlock especially.

Linda W.

Good channel for the family to watch especially when you have picky parents.

Irenee S.

FETV is the best channel I ever watched in 3 years.

Ken W.

I LOVE this channel!!

Lori M.

Just discovered I have this channel with all these AMAZING shows of my youth!!!! Super Pumped & Excited!!! My grandbabies love watching these shows with me, too!!!

Susan B.

Glad to be able to watch shows I've missed for many years.

Christine S.

We're so happy the old Perry Mason series is back on!

Carol S.

The classics never get old...I love all the shows!

Trent A.

Refreshing to see a channel that plays the classic TV shows.

Steve O.

I love all the older shows. Most of them have meaning.

Lola A.

Didn't make time for Lassie, Lone Ranger, or Roy Rogers growing up. SO glad to see them now!!! Thank you fetv for putting them on!!!

Ron W.

So happy for a great channel showing shows I grew up with.

Barb W.

Thanks for the wonderful family programs on FETV. I love your all's network.

Willard H.